Opportunity for Shareholders to Propose AGM Agenda and Qualified Candidates
to be Nominated as Company’s Directors

REF.SET: 62-01

								     January 4th , 2019

Subject	:	The Opportunity for the Shareholders to propose  the Agenda of the General Meeting
		of Shareholders  and propose Candidates to be elected as  Directors
To      	:	The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
	We, Fancy Wood Industries Public Co. Ltd., would like  to inform that for the purpose of supporting 
good corporate governance practice, the company is providing the opportunity for the Shareholders to propose
matters to be included as an agenda, as well as propose qualified Candidates to be nominated as the Company’s Directors 
ahead of the Annual General Meeting for year 2019 from now on until February 4th, 2019  with detailed criteria set 
by the Company and announced on the Company’s website http://www.fancywood.th.com 

	Please be informed accordingly,

Yours Faithfully,

                 (Mr.Vichai  Tanpatanarat)


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