Fancy Wood Industries Public Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 as one of the largest manufacturers of wood furniture and rubber wood products in the world. As one of the company’s missions to protect the environment, we use rubber wood as our primary material in production. Rubber wood is a by product of rubber trees — a plantation tree which its sole purpose is to yield rubber latex for rubber related industries. The tree becomes useless after the latex is exhausted and has to be cut down and be replaced. We ‘recycle’ the wood and make it into quality products.
In 2000, the company invested in Saw Mill and Kiln Dry facilities in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani. This helped the supply chain in vertically integrating production from the source. The saw mill produced an abundance of saw dust, bark, and wood shreds those were not used. Seeing this as another opportunity we further expanded our products into the manufacturing of Thin Chipboards in 2013. Thin Chipboards are made from saw dust, tree branches and barks which were considered no value to production initially, however, with the advanced technology of Mende Germany we are able to use its continuous process and computerized control system to produce quality Thin Chipboards.

With the local Thai economy thriving we also import high-end furniture from the region and Europe.