REF. : SET51-08                                          25 September 2008

Subject  : Notify of the resolution of a Board of Directors' Meeting No. 6/2008
To       : The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

          The Board of Directors Meeting No. 6/2008 of Fancy Wood Industries
Public Company Limited would like to inform on 25 September 2008 had the
following resolutions:
     1. Certified the Minutes of Board of Directors' Meeting No. 5/2008 on 29
August 2008.
     2. Acknowledged the sell of machines of subsidiary in Nokorn Sri
Thammarat province amounted to 6,500,000.00 Baht to Alfa Wood Co., Ltd and
rented out lands and buildings of subsidiary to Alfa Wood Co., Ltd as above at
a rental of 15,000.00 Baht per month for 12 months, commencing on 1 September
2008 onwards. Anyhow the above-mentioned transaction is not within the scope
of related
transactions and obtains to move those registered properties.
     3. To consider other subjects, if any.

                                              Yours Faithfully,

                                (Mr.Pongsan Leelaprad) (Mr.Vichai Tanpatanarat)
                                    Director                Director

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